Misinformation, Disinformation, Rumors

Fight Fire with Fire: Hacktivists’ Take on Social Media Misinformation

Hacker, doxer, misinformers, bye.

Talking Abortion Misinformation with ChatGPT on TikTok

Advices on TikTok from LLMs could be dangerous. 

Abortion Misinformation on TikTok: Rampant Content, Lax Moderation, and Vivid User Experiences

After the overturning of Roe v. Wade in the United States, is TikTok the best place to get your misinformation on abortion? Seems like it just might be.

Folk Models of Misinformation on Social Media

The people of social media have spoken. 

Meaningful Context, a Red Flag, or Both? Users’ Preferences for Enhanced Misinformation Warnings on Twitter

Achtung! Misinformation. Maybe Mr. Musk will fix the misinformation labeling using our enhancements, after the ice cream machines in McDonalds are taken care of. 

“Gettr-ing” Deep Insights from the Social Network Gettr

The “marketplace of ideas” turns a fun place to play with misinformation. 

(Mis)perceptions and Engagement on Twitter: COVID-19 Vaccine Rumors on Efficacy and Mass Immunization Effort

A go-to misinformation ingredients? Simple hashtags as #COVIDIOT or #covidhoax. Ouchie, but not from Fauci. Read about the backfiring effect of the warning tags we uncovered on Twitter surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine rumors

VoxPop: An Experimental Social Media Platform for Calibrated (Mis)information Discourse

Tired of Twitter and wary of Parler? Try VoxPop. You will love it. We created an entirely new social media platform that allows for misinformation to exist on par with any other information (yes, you’ve read it correctly). For the people, by the people – Vox Populi

Misinformation Warning Labels: Twitter’s Soft Moderation Effects on COVID-19 Vaccine Belief Echoes

Get the facts about COVID-19. No, you get the facts about COVID-19. No, you get the facts about COVID-19!

TrollHunter2020: Real-time Detection of Trolling Narratives on Twitter During the 2020 U.S. Elections

What’s the best trolling line – right here, right now – seeing a fly landing on Vice President Mike Pence’s head during the during the vice presidential debate? Find out how one could hunt for trolls in real-time as massive events like the 2020 U.S. elections unfold and take unprecedented turns. 

TrollHunter [Evader]: Automated Detection [Evasion] of Twitter Trolls During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Operation INFEKTION 2.0? Perhaps, distributed and on steroids. This is an early hunt for trolls on Twitter during the first part of 2020.  

Parlermonium: A Data-Driven UX Design Evaluation of the Parler Platform

It’s going to be biblical. We dived into Parler before it the collective gung-ho for nixing the platform. Check out what we found.  

WikipediaBot: Automated Adversarial Manipulation of Wikipedia Articles

This bot might as well been cooked in the kitchen on IngSoc. 

Message-of-the-Day (MOTD) Banner Language Variations as an Adaptive Honeypot Deterrent of Unauthorized Access

What happens when the Message-of-the-Day (MOTD) system banner speaks a language different than English? This is an early idea on some creative additions to honeypots and possible injection of disinformation under the “lost in translation” banner.