Social Engineering

Phishing with Malicious QR Codes

It works, proving the QR codes a convenient way of passing a sly but credential-harvesting URL. 

“Alexa, What’s a Phishing Email?”: Training Users to Spot Phishing Emails Using a Voice Assistant

Alexa, teach me how to skip on 

Socially Engineering a Polarizing Discourse on Facebook through Malware-Induced Misperception

Making and breaking the spiral-of-silence on social media. All through an “invisible” malware that simply rewords posts to read counter-argumentative. 

Alexa in Phishingland: Empirical Assessment of Susceptibility to Phishing Pretexting in Voice Assistant Environments

Hey Alexa, read my emails. Sure, they seem legit. Do you want me to reply on your behalf? Hm…. Check out how one could use Alexa for pretexting and intelligence to maximize a phishing attack.